Our services

Purchase & processing of scrap metal

Demolition and dismantling services

Our company Metalfresh, s.r.o. is able to buy scrap metal of all kinds from you.

Thanks to our quality end customers throughout Europe, you can expect the highest purchase prices in the non-ferrous metal market from us.

Our activity is mainly focused on waste from alloys of copper, aluminum, bronze, brass, stainless steel, lead, chrome steel, zinc and other non-ferrous metals.

We strive for an individual approach to each customer to obtain the highest possible added value for the purchased waste material, and all this thanks to high-quality waste analysis, its sorting and appropriate collection.

We also use spectrometric equipment for this.

Furthermore, we buy scrap metal from manufacturing companies, collection centers and other companies for which we provide all services.

Prices are always based on the LME on the given day of purchase. Please contact us for the current price list.


We will arrange the import and removal of the material ourselves.

We have trucks, containers and handling equipment.